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Best Countertops for a Functional & Beautiful Kitchen: Our Top 3

What should you consider when picking up out the perfect countertop? Is durability a big deal for your family? What about porous materials? Are they bad? Do style options matter and what materials work with each design aesthetic? When it comes to picking out countertops, the options are endless and can get overwhelming in a hurry. Today I’m here to save you from the overwhelm!

Option #1: Benefits of Choosing Quartz

Why is this our #1? This material is extremely strong, tough surface material that can stand up to decades of use by your busy family. This man-made material(combination of resin, mineral and color)  is resistant to scratches and chips, and since it's waterproof, it also resists stains and water damage. Added bonus… It comes in several patterns that mimic marble and granite. I mean, what’s not to love right?

Option #2: Pros & Cons of Granite

This stone comes in a variety of colors & patterns with beautiful veining! Granite is a type of igneous rock, which are formed when lava or magma cools down and becomes solid. Granite, in particular, is made primarily from a mix of feldspar, quartz, and micas, and other trace minerals. You didn’t know you were going to get a science lesson, did ya? While this material is durable, heat resistant and can take on most kitchen elements, due to its porous nature, if liquids are left sitting, there can be some staining. We recommend sealing your countertops once a year.

Option #3: The Elegance of Marble

Lets start with the obvious.. it’s absolutely gorgeous and can compliment many different design styles. One scroll through pinterest will have you pinning every image. Another added bonus, it’s heat resistant! Now, here’s the thing about this beautiful material, it’s a little high-maintenance… it’s vulnerable to stains and scratches. You’ll want to seal this material every 6-12 months and even with this you may still see some scratches. Marble is also much softer than quartz and granite, which can lead to chips. With all this being said, if you don’t mind a little(or a lot) of high-maintenance in your life, then we say go for it!

Our final thoughts, as you can tell, we love all three of these countertops, but with that being said, it really comes down to how you and your family live in your home.

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