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Effective Ways to Improve Your Home: Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

Does it pay to have a kitchen remodel? In a nutshell, yes, as most realtors will tell you that kitchens sell homes, but increasing the value of your home and getting a large return on your investment is not the same thing. When putting together a home renovation budget and deciding which projects are worthwhile, consider whether the cost of a major kitchen remodel is effectively offset by the increase in home value that it provides.

1. Make the kitchen easier to use with improved functionality

Whether a galley kitchen was intended or not, older kitchens often have cramped and outdated layouts. To improve functionality and create a more spacious feel, consider removing non-load-bearing walls or relocating appliances. For home chefs, a U or L-shaped layout with a central island and a single wall of cabinets is the most practical option. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize space, improve organization, and make the kitchen easier to use.

2. Reduce home energy costs effectively

Ies are outdated, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to Energy-Star rated ones. Energy-Star rated dishwashers, for example, use less water and energy while effectively cleaning your dishes, and cost only around $35 per year to operate, as stated on energystar.gov. Since households typically run their dishwashers more than 200 times a year, this can result in significant savings on water and electricity bills. Additionally, opting for Energy-Star rated appliances can be an attractive feature for potential homebuyers looking to save on energy costs and avoid the hassle of replacing major appliances in the near future.

3. Modernize your kitchen’s appearance

Upgrading your home's value can be as simple as painting the walls or replacing countertops and cabinets, which t require altering your current kitchen layout. Although a larger project, these changes can make a significant impact on your home's worth.

4. Create a more comfortable living space

Enhance your kitchen experience by adding a kitchen island. It not only provides a comfortable workspace, but it's also an ideal spot to host guests and prepare quick meals. When selecting a surface, consider not only its appearance but also its ability to withstand hot pots, sharp knives, and everyday use.

To ensure safety, make sure your electrical is up to code and capable of handling any additional load you may have incurred as a result of your remodel. Also, instead of standard outlets, ensure GFCI devices are installed (these are generally required anywhere near water, like kitchen and bathroom sinks).

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